We foster AI talent: We believe that offering participation and education with hands-on experience from elementary school onwards will spark interest in AI at an early age – the ideal preparation for a career in Tübingen‘s top AI environment.

The timeline below shows the career of a student from their studies to a position as a group leader - and what Tübingen AI Center offers along the way.

Education timeline


The Core Faculty of the Tübingen AI Center is involved in teaching various Bachelor and Master studies, including Germany’s only Master in Machine Learning and adjacent interdisciplinary programs such as Masters in Cognitive Science, Medical Informatics, and others.

During the Master in Machine Learning, students first receive an introduction into the foundations of machine learning, after which they can specialize in their subject of interest. The ELIZA program is a joint graduate school bringing together seven research sites for AI in Germany, including Tübingen. Combining the strengths of each site into a joint education program with cross-site supervision, the school offers the students a high-quality education and an excellent research network.

A group of student working in a large office

PhD and Postdoc

Currently, about 200 PhD students and 50 Postdocs are mentored by the group leaders at the Tübingen AI Center. New PhD students are mostly recruited through the IMPRS-IS and the ELLIS PhD programs, both highly prestigious graduate programs for machine learning. The Tübingen AI Center’s involvement in the AI Grid, a mentoring network across Europe, and AIDA, a platform for educational and training activities, offers PhD students access to additional resources for their education.

Interested Postdoc candidates are encouraged to apply directly to a group of their choice at the Tübingen AI Center. Postdocs are offered independence and flexibility in shaping their research, while still being guided and mentored by a member of our core faculty.

Discussing an AI problem at the whiteboard.

Group Leader

The Tübingen AI Center is offering positions for non-tenured group leaders and full W3 professors. These positions are advertised through open calls at regular intervals.

Group leaders have the option to apply for joint positions with the ELLIS Institute in Tübingen. These positions provide maximum scientific freedom under highly attractive working conditions. The group leaders will profit from Tübingen’s growing reputation as a hub of excellence for research in machine learning and the many opportunities to become involved in large scale collaborative funding initiatives. The AI Center seeks promising young researchers who enrich and stimulate the community with highly original research. The full W3 professorship positions allow the Tübingen AI Center to retain the best group leaders and to attract international top-talents.

A group leader explains scientific details to his group members.

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