Landesmesse Stuttgart, September 30th, 2022

Tübingen AI Center hosted the first AI symposium and start-up fair on “Sciencepreneurship” - bridging cutting-edge research with agile entrepreneurship

To address the many challenges faced by people and societies today, we need a boost of breakthrough innovations that make their way from the lab to the market. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is a key enabling technology for innovations across virtually all domains and will have a huge impact on the future world economy and society. The Sciencepreneur FAIR symposium brought together innovative minds from science, politics and business to share their successes and challenges around AI research and entrepreneurship. Top-class speakers provided exciting input on AI in science, technology transfer and spin-offs. The symposium was held in collaboration with the Startup BW Summit of the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism Baden Wuerttemberg and the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) and aimed at building a cross-over platform for sciencepreneurship.

The next Sciencepreneur FAIR will take place in summer 2024 in Stuttgart.

This was the Sciencepreneur FAIR 2022 in the International Congresscenter Stuttgart (ICS) of the Stuttgart Fair:


Moderation: Eva Wolfangel

13:00-13:30 // Scientific Keynote

From Fundamental Research to Real-world Impact: Deep Learning with Structured Representations

by Thomas Kipf PhD
Google Research, Brain Team
13:30-14:00 // Round table

How to Sciencepreneurship?

Alex Diehl (Senior Advisor, Cyber Valley)
Dr. Alexander Ilic (Co-founder and Executive Director, ETH AI Center)
Thomas Langkabel (National Technology Officer, Microsoft Deutschland)

5 Key Factors that can Attract Investors to an AI company

by Sheila Beladinejad
President of Women in AI and Robotics e.V. and Founder/CEO, OCanada Tech

Bias in AI: Who Is on the Playing Field?

by Anna-Maria Meck
Delegate Ambassador for Women in Voice and PhD Candidate at LMU München
14:30-15:00 // Round table

Diversity & Success

Sheila Beladinejad (President of Women in AI and Robotics e.V. and Founder/CEO, OCanada Tech)
Anna-Maria Meck (Delegate Ambassador for Women in Voice and PhD Candidate at LMU München)
Lioba Suchenwirth (DLR and Women in AI and Robotics)
Behzad Tabibian (CEO and Co-founder of Reasonal)

AI Strategy Keynote

by Dr. Anna Christmann
Commissioner for the Digital Industry and Start-ups of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Coffee Break and Interaction

featuring the Tübingen AI robot Spot

The Future of Work - Impulse and Discussion

Jens Beyer (CTO, GmbH from the KARL network)
Dr. Norbert Huchler (Board Member, Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung e.V. München)

From AI Research to Practice: Technology Transfer at the KI-Fortschrittszentrum

by Prof. Dr. Marco Huber
Head KI-Fortschrittszentrum, Fraunhofer IPA

Aiming for European Sovereignty in AI

by Jonas Andrulis
CEO, Aleph Alpha GmbH

An Innovation Ecosystem for Government and Administration: The AI for Government Programme at the GovTech Campus Baden-Württemberg

by Lars Zimmermann
GovTech Campus Deutschland e.V.

Start-up Spotlights

ai-omatic solutions

Sciencepreneurship @ ELLIS

18:00-18:30 // Round Table

Building AI Ecosystems for Sciencepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bethge (Co-founder Maddox AI and co-founder ELLIS)
Rebecca C. Reisch (Managing Director, Cyber Valley)
Jan Seifert (Head of InnoLab_bw)



Get-together and Party

Premiere of “Diffuse me!”, an interactive AI art installation by Lunar Ring


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